What Is A Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is a problem solver. You have a need, perhaps how to introduce a new product or service, or how to better sell existing ones. The Designer first works with ideas and concepts, and makes suggestions. You discuss with the Designer what you feel will accomplish your needs. Solutions are reached, revisions are made, and the production of finished art is completed. When the Graphic Designer is asked to work on an overall graphic plan, a cohesive "look" for your company is achieved and your graphics become more effective. Your present and potential clients perceive your company as well organized, efficient, substantial, and stable. We've all seen companies whose business cards, signs, letterheads, packaging, sales literature and brochures all appear to have been designed by different people with no communicated plan between them. What sort of image of your company does that send to a potential client? One of disorganization and poor communication.

Solve the problem before it starts. A graphic designer is here to help you and your business look its best.