What People Are Saying About Red Top Design

All For Paws
I have had the pleasure of having Jason Rooney assist with my website/business and design for the past year.
I could not be more pleased with the work and dedication that he provides. It is evident that he truly cares about my business and how to move it forward to new heights. He is always great to throw out a suggestion or two. His work is completed with great speed and accuracy. A true professional. - Louise Quenville, Owner

Business Card Express
It has been a pleasure working with Jason. His dedication and creative flair has made our life here at Business Card Express a lot less stressful.
Working on a project of this size (216 Pages) requires an incredible amount of organization. Not only was he able to meet our hectic deadlines but, he took care of many other details including the communication with our clients, layout and design, all well within the time frame imposed on him. If anything, Jason went above and beyond what is expected, and for this we are truly grateful. We look forward to working with Red Top Design again. - Ray Desjardins, Sales Manager

Prescott And District Chamber of Commerce
Red Top Design - Outstanding Performance - Product
On behalf of the Prescott and District Chamber of Commerce, may I commend Jason on the great work he has done for the Chamber.
Firstly, there is the Prescott Merchant Directory. This is an up to date listing of merchants, services, events, and a current map of Prescott. This project consisted of working with a committee, which he did with professionalism, as well as diplomacy, and the rest (the design, set up - grunt work) was all on his own. Yes, he walked the streets, called merchants, looked up info, addressess, took pictures - you name it. Then there was the computer work, the set up, lists, organization, drawing, design, alignment, etc. He really did an outstanding job. To further attest to this, the brochure has been so popular, we are just about out of the 5000 printed. Looks like more work for Jason.
As well, he set up The Prescott and District Chamber of Commerce website. Again working with a committee, reporting to the Board, this website is based on his reasearch, recommendations, expertise and experience. Our organization is proud to embrace the 21st century with our own website and we have Jason to thank for that.
In addition, any questions or concerns, or updates are handled immediately.
I would like to personally thank Jason for all his had work and may I say, it was an absolute pleasure working with him.
Lisa Smith
President 2005
Past President/Vice President 2006
Prescott and District Chamber of Commerce

This is just a few words to say thanks for the great service you have provided. Not too many people you meet would go out of their way to help the way you did. When I approached you about designing a business card for me, it didn't take long for you to come up with something and when I wasn't satisfied with it you kept e-mailing me with different ones. Even though you lived out of town you made a special trip to come and see me to get my final approval, which I think was great.
Your prices were very good and most competitive with other suppliers in your field. The number one thing I look for in business is service, then comes the quality. Once you have the service everything comes into place, which your service, in my opinion, is next to none.
Once again thanks for all of your help, and keep up the good work. - Andre Sergerie, Owner/Craftsman